Wednesday, February 8, 2012

World Geography Class Projects

Marina did great on her Holland project and brought gouda cheese!


Mati brought a delicious treat from Ireland

Emma now wants to vacation in Costa Rica

Miguel presentation on Greece was Stellar!

Miguel and his Grandparents

Ella and her Mom

Isabella did research on England

Isabella and her Parents

Nancy and her Mom

Noah presented on Bolivia

Queen's Presentation was about Mexico

Andrea and Ms. Ariana

Handsome Jesus did a great job on Romania

Addison did great on Grenland

Alana's project on Canada was simply Amazing!

Abigail presented on Cuba and brought some Conga Music!

Eddy did great too!

Mr. Raisback helping Jennifer!


We had some pizza from Gabriel!

Eddy and his dad.

Gavin presented on Germany

Joetmy did her presentation on Columbia

Beautiful Gabriella brought us Croissants from France, yummy!

These couple of weeks have been very busy for my students and I. The children did finish their Geography projects and did their oral presentations. I think that when children start doing oral presentations early they develop confidence and later on presenting in front of lots of people won't be a problem. They all were great! The third graders did research in Europe countries, the second graders did it in South America countries and the first graders did their research in North American countries. They had to come up with very interesting facts, such as the location of their country, the population, the religion, the flag, important events in history, traditions and celebrations, landmarks, plants and animals, bodies of water etc. They did an excellent job! Parents and family were invited to the presentations and many of them were very kind to bring a special treat for the class from the country they represented, it was very nice! I want to share their success with all of you! I feel very fortunate to have these beautiful children in my class and to contribute to their education.

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