Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Planting the Seeds

Noah and Gavin reading the directions

All of the girls were very concentrated

Ms. Sonya was very helpful

Here is the station with all of the materials needed

The soil

Gathering the materials

Helping Addy!

Marina and Matilde were on task!

Gabriella and Isabella

Eddy and Samantha

Queen, Abigail, and Alana

Miguel and Gavin were following directions!

Joetmy, Eddy, Samantha, and Nancy
A few months ago I attended a training on Science called Laser I3 from the Smithsonian.It was very interesting and I learned a lot.They provided all of the materials needed to do some science projects with the class. Last week and this week the children had the first  few lessons on plant growth. We did a few experiments and we planted some seeds. It was a big task for all of us, just to set up the planting station with all of the materials and then making sure everyone got what they needed. I'm so glad that Sonya Hernandez "Gabriella's Mom" and Mr. Railsback were there to help us. There are so many steps involved in the process and you all know that "children are children", so you have to supervise closely that all of them were following directions step by step. We also had to create an automatic watering system, so that the little plants would have enough water without us checking every time. After a few accidents and some spills, everything went fine. It was a success and now the little seeds are sprouting and growing. The children have to keep up with their plants and they have to measure the growth daily. They have to observe and measure the plants daily and then record the growth of the plants on a graph. It's a lot of work and it requires a lot of patience! But it is a lot of Fun!
I will keep you all posted with the new pictures of the plants growing!

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  1. Men, this is funny! I see myself in these pictures and I actually have lost some pounds! This was posted on Feb 2011 and I starded working out in March and little by little I'm getting healthier and little better shape :)
    I have to keep it up, still more that need to go lol