Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Famous People Wax Museum

The Famous People Wax Museum was a real success!
Thanks to the magnificent help of our terrific parents, our wax museum had a great turn out. The wax statues costumes were absolutely awesome! We had so many famous characters, Ramses II, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earnhardt, even the royalty: Queen Elizabeth, Thomas Edison, Anne Frank, and many more. I was very impressed not only with the children outfits, but with the creativity of the projects too. They were all interesting and we learned a great deal. Obviously the kids asked me and Mr. Raisback to do somebody too, so of course I chose someone easy guess who? Maria Montessori  He he he!! and Mr. Railsback was Pontius Pilate or Pontius Pilatus (Roman name) (Thank you so much to all of you for making it happen :) Here are some pictures enjoy!
Oh! By the way Shannon Hugetz (Miguel's mom) has a membership with Shutterfly, it's a great website were you cab actually buy the pictures or albums at a very affordable price check it out here: http://mstorresclasspictures.shutterfly.com/
She has taken pictures from different events such us the Wizard of OZ class play, The 2011 Fall festival, The Famous People Wax Museum and she also had the pictures from the Pancake Breakfast cooking recipe book.
Thanks everyone!

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