Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Creation of the Universe

This is the representation of the Sun and the Solar System

Explaining and comparing the size of the Earth and the Sun

The children were listening!

Quiet and paying attention to the lesson :)

The Milky Way Galaxy

Not one sound !

Doing the experiments and mixtures

 The "Big Bang" or Creation of the Universe lesson is one of my favorites from the Montessori curriculum and it's the most important one, since it creates curiosity and strikes the children's imagination. Mr. Gerhard and I prepared the room making it very dark and cold pretending to be like it was in the beginning of the creation of the universe. The children were really engaged and quiet, when I popped the balloon (Big Bang) some of the kids were a little scared, because it was a complete surprise! Then they had a lot of fun following up and paying attention to the lesson. We did all of the experiments that represent the forces like gravity, centrifugal force, magnetism, sink- float and we also did mixtures and compounds. We studied the three states of matter too. It was a very interesting lesson and the kids loved it! We will going to continue to study the universe, the solar system and earth in our classroom and will continue to do more experiments in class. Here are some pictures thanks to our class journalist Miguel! Great job by the way, Miguel! He's becoming a professional. I'll try to upload some good videos too. Also special thanks to Ripley and Evan who both helped us getting all the experiments together.

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