Friday, February 4, 2011

Gardening Club

The Gardening Club at Garden Oaks Elementary

I still remember the Gardening Club after school program we had at Garden Oaks a few years ago.
We had a grant from Urban Harvest and we were lucky to have one of the master gardeners coming to our school to teach the students all about gardening. The season to plants specific vegetables, fruits and herbs, the needs of plants, the plant cycle, how to take care of your own garden, nutrition, organic foods etc. We had the opportunity to plant and harvest a variety of vegetables!! It was really amazing, because the children would also have cooking lessons and of course they cooked and then enjoyed the meals they prepared themselves. I was volunteering in the program and I really enjoyed too, I learned a lot! I wish we could have that program again. I know some children don't even have an idea of were vegetables come from, they think they just come from the market!! It so important to expose them to this valuable lessons! I want to share this video about this wonderful program, and hopefully maybe some parents could volunteer to implement something similar to it again. What do you think?

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